Why DUTA Services Stop Working?

As you all know Duta is an Indian group messenger specifically to render different kinds of services like the latest news, sports, entertainment, devotional, finance, quizzes, and games especially jumble which is the most popular and most used services of all, it also renders little horological services.

Duta Services

Why DUTA Services stop working.
From November 26, 2019, it stops working. Duta officially not confirmed it but you all know it’s not working.

Please note that with effect from 25 November 2019, all Duta services will be closed on WhatsApp. This follows after Duta fails to cooperate with WhatsApp’s terms and conditions on International Messaging service.

Duta has, in October, been banned by the most popular Internet-host, WIKIPEDIA, on its channel, DUTA-WIKI-SEARCH since it was breaking laws pertaining to Internet access. Therefore this month of November, The most popular messaging service, WHATSAPP, has taken to the verge of breaking the connection with DUTA. This led to the complete shutdown of the Indian run host which has by now dominated most African countries in supplying World News, Sports updates among a few.

As Duta was trying to merge relations with WhatsApp, it has declared to its users that there will be new WhatsApp approved groups to which Duta services will be active, but this later failed since the relationship between Duta and WhatsApp have been completely distorted.

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