Setup was unable to create a new system partition

How to Fix Setup was unable to create a new system partition

Get the fix for the Windows setup error How to Setup was unable to create a new system partition that appears when attempting to install the following versions of Windows from a bootable USB: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

If attempting to install Windows from a USB drive, external drive, thumb drive, USB stick, etc instead of using a CD or DVD, the following error can appear:

Setup was unable to create a new system partition

Method 1. Eject and re-insert the USB

Eject and re-insert the USB is the easiest solution that I would like to recommend when you want to fix “Setup was unable to create a new system partition” error. Here is how to do it:
Remove all partitions on the drive (no need to launch diskpart, you can just use the partition selection screen)

1. Unplug the USB drive.

2. Click Next. You will get: Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x80300001.

3. Replug the USB drive.

4. Click Refresh.

5. Click Next.

Method 2. Use a CD or DVD Drive

system dvd format

Method 3. Manually create the boot partition:

The first method might only work well to solve “Setup was unable to create a new system partition” problem in Windows 7 but don’t help with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So I would like to introduce another solution that will be suitable for any Windows version.

If you prefer to do this manually, you can use diskpart from the Windows setup command line to copy the setup/installation files from the USB to the local drive and then use the local drive to both boot from and install to, bypassing the USB completely and preventing Windows from getting confused:

  1. Boot Windows installation from USB flash drive.
  2. Press Shift+F10.
  3. In console type diskpart.exe and press enter. In this program execute following:
    • select disk=0. Disk 0 is your destination drive, so be careful, all information on this drive will be removed.
    • create partition primary size=xxx, where xxx – is the size of new partition.
    • select partition=1.
    • active.
    • format fs=ntfs quick.
    • assign.
    • exit, now you have bootable drive C.
  4.  Navigate to USB flash drive, in my case: cd d:.
  5.  Copy all files from USB drive to C: drive: xcopy d: c: /e /h /k.
  6.  Go to boot folder: cd boot.
  7.  Make you C: drive bootable with following command: bootsect /nt60 c:.
  8.  Put off USB flash drive from computer and restart them.
  9.  Install Windows.
  10.  Remove unnecessary menu item from bootscreen.
    • Run cmd.exe as Administrator
    • See boot menu list bcdedit
    • Find Windows Setup and copy identifier
    • Run bcdedit /delete {identifier}

      Eject the USB drive from your computer, and restart
      Boot back into Windows setup and select “Install Now”

I really hope there is, at least, one way that can help you fix “Setup was unable to create a new system partition” error and achieve a successful Windows installation.

Kinemaster 2018

Best Free Video Editor for Android 2018

Best Free Video Editor for Android 2018

There are so many free video editors for the Android smartphone. In this article, we picked up top 5 best free video editor for Android in 2018. All of these video editing apps are free to download.

After shooting a video with your Android smartphone, you may need to edit it for better quality and make it more fantastic. That’s why you need a video editing app.

1. KineMaster

Kinemaster 2018

KineMaster is the only full-featured professional video editor for Android, supporting multiple layers of video, images, and text, as well as precise cutting and trimming, multi-track audio, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and much more.

For professionals and amateurs alike, KineMaster offers an unprecedented level of control over the mobile editing process, and for artists and educators, handwriting layers allow you to draw directly on the video.

2. FilmoraGo

Filmora Go 2018

If you want a professional tool to edit your videos and media files shot with your Android phone, then the FilmoraGo Video Editor is the best for you. FilmoraGo for Android is as powerful as many desktop video editors and works in much the same way. It has almost all the editing functionalities you’d need from a PC editing program. Your video won’t be watermarked when it’s exported, but FilmoraGo will add a brief wordmark at the end. Once it’s processed, the finished video can be sent straight to any social media app you have installed, shared via email, or saved to your device.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

Abode Premiere Clip RPM TECH TIPS

Premiere Clip is a free video editor that makes it fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared. Drag and drop clips and photos in the order that you like, trim out the parts you don’t want and add visual polish with lighting adjustments, transitions, and slow-motion effects. Before you can use Adobe Premiere Clip, you’ll need to sign up for a free Adobe ID if you don’t already have one. It takes a moment, but once it’s done you can use the same login details for all Adobe apps and desktop software.

4. VivaVideo

VivaVideo 2018

VivaVideo is one of the best video editing software, image slideshow maker, and movie editing app. With the storyboard, you can import, edit and trim your video clips easily, and then add effects, filters, various effects, text and titles, fast/slow motion to your video, making your video with a professional-looking and sharing with your friends easily.

Like Adobe Premiere Clip, VivaVideo only works in portrait mode – not our preferred choice for videos – and its interface doesn’t make such good use of the space. The VivaVideo(free) will come with a watermark and a limited time for your video.


5. AndroVid

Androvid Pro Free 2018

AndroVid is a very handy video editor with many functions. It makes very simple to edit your videos.

Main Features :
* Video Trimmer: Trim your videos to remove unwanted parts
* Video Reverse: Reverse your video to make magic.
* Video Joiner: Merge multiple video clips into one video. You can add music as well.
* Video & Audio Mixer: Add music to your videos. Adjust video and music volumes.
* Animated GIF: Convert your videos to animated GIF
* Video Transcoder: Convert videos to other formats, change the resolution to make your videos smaller. Supports conversion to GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV and VOB formats.
* Slideshow Maker: Make slideshow from your images, add fading effect and music.
* Frame Grabber: Extract video frame images at any moment of your video.
* Video Toolbox: Enhance your video. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation. Change audio volume
* Video Rotate: Rotate videos (Quick Rotation without encoding or True Rotation with encoding)

I hope you like all the apps. Thanks for reading our article.


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5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

If you want to edit your photo but don’t want to Buy any Software. Here are 5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives which is totally free. For some ordinary user in just the need of an occasional photo touch-up, Photoshop seems too grandiose or Costly. With a simple to user interface and free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, these following tools might be ones you just need for your photo editing tasks.

Free Photoshop Alternatives


Krita alternative Photoshop

Krita is the best image editing tools, based on the open-source platforms like Linux and Unix. The tool comes as a bundle with the KOffice suite and is a great choice for all your image editing needs on an open-source platform. Although lacking in quite a few departments when compared to Photoshop, this free tool is in it own rights makes up for one powerful image editor.



Free Photo editing for Mac

CinePaint is a much powerful image retouching tool with support for even high 32-bit color fidelity. This free tool has been used by many Hollywood studios to design Animated feature films in the past. The tool is highly versatile and can also be used to edit or retouch your videos and not just images. Supported on all major UNIX based systems, there is no stable version for the Windows operating system. Only For Mac & Linux.


GIMP free alternative to Photoshop

GIMP is the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop you’ll ever stumble across. With a widely supported community and with its cross compatibility over a range of operating systems, GIMP clearly stands out as the best free alternative to Photoshop. Although it doesn’t offer quite a features like Photoshop, it possesses ample features to let you edit your photos in a breeze and with a stint of professionalism to it.


4. Paint.NET

Paintnet alternative to Adobe PhotoshopIf you have ever used the default Windows Paint, you’ll be much familiar with Paint.NET. This tool was originally developed to be a more advanced version of Windows Paint, The tool is less powerful than GIMP or Photoshop, but it takes well care of all the basic features you would ever require in an image editing tool. You can also extend the functionality of this tool by installing the plugins developed by the vast community supporting this platform.

5. Pixlr

5 Best Free Photoshop AlternativesIf you are Searching for Online Photo Editing Programs then Pixlr is very good for you. Pixlr is the best web-based image editing tool you’ll ever come across. If you are ever going to get close to Photoshop without paying a cent, and without leaving your browser, Pixlr is the simply the best web-based image editor. With similar features, layouts and keyboard short-cuts to that of Photoshop, Pixlr is a great free online image editing Program, Overdoing too many layers on Pixlr can make things ugly, and it is something you must keep away from.

Is there any of your favorite Photoshop alternative missing out from this list?

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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