How To Remove $Recycle.Bin Virus

If you are using Windows 10 then probably you are seen $Recycle.Bin type of Folder on your all drive. You have Antivirus Install on your system but not remove that folder.  But did you know How To Remove $Recycle.Bin Virus? Or What if I can say it’s not a virus it’s a system file which is only for system use and it does not harm your computer. If you are already using Antivirus.

Remove $Recycle.Bin Virus

In Windows 10 you find $Recycle.bin and System Volume Information Folder. It that Virus?? 

NO. Both of them are safe.
$Recycle.bin is the folder that contains the files which you deleted on that drive. It acts as a Recycle bin folder.
Containing folders for each SID(Security ID for each User) and the Recycle bin.

About System Volume Info :
The folder contains information that casual interference could cause problems with proper system functioning. Here are some of the things kept in that folder. (This list is not comprehensive.)

  • System Restore points. You can disable System Restore from the “System” control panel.
  • Distributed Link Tracking Service databases for repairing your shortcuts and linked documents.
  • Content Indexing Service databases for fast file searches. This is also the source of the cidaemon.exe process: That is the content indexer itself, busy scanning your files and building its database so you can search for them quickly. (If you created a lot of data in a short time, the content indexer service gets all excited trying to index it.). Cidaemon might be Search Indexer in windows 7.
  • Information used by the Volume Snapshot Service (also known as “Volume Shadow Copy”) so you can back up files on a live system.

You need not bother, these folders are safe.

How To Remove $Recycle.Bin Folder in Windows

In Windows 10 You can Hide $Recycle.Bin Folder with this simple steps-

  • Open Control Panel from Start menu and double-click File Explorer Options.

recycle bin virus remove

  • Click on View, Click on Don’t Show hidden files, folders and Drives then click APPLY and OK.

If you have a virus on your Computer you can easily Remove Virus with this Tricks here.


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