Jio Prime Membership Offer

#JioPrime offers You can use Jio services Till 31st March 2018 by only pay Rs.303
#Jio is launching new offer to their customer that from 1st of April the #Jio Prime Membership option you will get on your MyJio app the benefit of that Membership is you will get whole year of net free at only Rs.303 (1GB/day) for info SUBSCRIBER OUR CHANNEL HERE – RPMTECHTIPS

Jio Prime membership for users joining before March 31 this year at a one-time membership of Rs 99. These Jio Prime members will continue to enjoy the unlimited offers of the Happy New Year plan for one more year. Jio Prime will also offer access to the media suite for free till March 31, 2018. Calling it his way of paying back those who believed in the Jio vision, they initial customers will be able to keep their Jio Prime membership after the first year for just Rs 10 a day, or Rs 300 a month.

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