Intel’s new Core i7 8700K launching on Oct 5

Intel is ready to launch its new Coffee Lake CPU architecture on October 5, with the flagship Core i7 8700K to be leading the pack with its 6C/12T of power.

Intel’s new Core i7 8700K launching on Oct 5Intel core i7 8700k

The new Core i7-8700K and the rest of the 8000-series CPUs from Intel will use the ‘new’ 1151 socket, with new Z370 chipsets that will soon arrive as well from the usual motherboard makers in ASRock, GIGABYTE, ASUS, MSI.

As a reminder, Kaby Lake is an enhanced version of Intel’s 14nm Skylake design ( known as 14nm+). Coffee Lake is also known as 14nm++. Cannon Lake, is a 10nm design. Put very simply, a smaller transistor design means more power efficiency.

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