Installing the Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 Toolkit

The toolkit DVD is used to install the Image Configuration Editor (ICE) and associated distribution share(s) onto a PC. The Image Configuration editor is used to create the unattend.xml files for installation using the “Deploy an Answer file or WIM” option during the WES7 installation.

WES7 Config

On the “Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 toolkit setup”, click “Next”

wes7 sp1 configµ

On the “End User License Agreement”, accept the License agreement and click “Next”

WES7 Config 2

On the “Choose Setup type” screen, select “Custom” click “Next” to continue

Since we need the 64bit edition, we have to add it to our installation.

WES7 Config 3
In the “Custom Setup” screen, add the 64-bit distribution share, and click “Next”

WES7 Config 4

On the “Ready to install” screen, click “Install”

WES7 Config 5

WES7 Config 6

Provide the sources for WES64bit. (I mounted the iso), and click “OK”

wes7 copy iso

WES7 Config 7

If you select “Download the Windows Embedded Developer Update”, you will be directed here.

I downloaded and installed it:

WES7 Config 8

Click “Next”

WES7 Config 9

Accept the license agreement and click “Next”

WES7 Config 10

Click “Next”

WES7 Config 6

Click “Install”

WES7 Config 11

WES7 Config 12

Click “Finish”

Now we have all the tools needed to create an unattended setup for WES7:

WES7 Config Final

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