How to Unlock/Remove Memory Card Password 2018


we are going to see How to Unlock or Remove Memory card password. There are various methods available to recover memory card password or unlock Micro SD memory card password. We are going to share the easiest, latest and best method to Unlock memory card password. So, below are all available tricks to recovery memory card password successfully.

How to Unlock Memory Card Password in PC

Method 1

(For Symbian Mobiles): This method of removing Micro SD Card password is for Nokia S60 1st and 2nd Edition Phone’s Users.

  1. Download FExplorer and Install it.
  2. Insert your memory card into your phone.
  3. Now run FExplorer and go to system folder (i.e. path C:/System)
  4. Now you have to find the file called mmcstore, if you find that file just rename it to mmcstore.txt
  5. After that, copy that file mmcstore.txt to your PC and open it in Notepad.
  6. Once, the file is open you will be able to see the password located in the file.

How to Remove Memory Card Password without PC

Method 2:

If you have any E series mobile phone or N95 ets, then use following steps to Reset Memory Card Password.

  1. Nokia mobiles.
  2. Format the memory card.
  3. Once the format is complete, it will not ask for any password.

How To Remove Memory Card Password Using Software

Method 3:

  1. Remove the memory from your android device
  2. Insert it into any memory card reader and connect to pc or Laptop.
  3. Once done and right click on device disk.
  4. Then choose format from the menu option.(for windows only)
  5. Once done, you will see your memory card password has been removed/unlock

How to Recover Memory Card Password

Method 4:

  1. Download X-Plore and install it.
  2. Insert Memory card in your phone.
  3. Open X-Plore and make sure you have marked the “Show the System Files”. For this you can press 0 (i.e. Zero).
  4. Next go to the path C:/Sys/Data
  5. Once found above path, press option 3 to set the Hex-Viewer and open the file Mmcstore.
  6. If the above step is done, then look the third column. You will see the code like! TMSD02G (c ??”? x???3?3?3?3?3) .
  7. Now, note down the character between the question mark(?) because its your password.
  8. Keep in mind that, if you don’t set the password to your memory card then you may not see that file.

I Hope, you are satisfied with these 4 best tricks on how to remove password from your memory card. Share your views/ suggestion/ feedback in comments. Thanks & Stay tuned for more tips & tricks.


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