Best configuration Laptop for office and home use

It totally depends on what type of work you are doing and then your budget, For basic use, you at least need a 4 Core CPU nowadays because you are going to use windows 10 and also min. 4GB of RAM with 1TB of HDD. but the festival sale is running on Flipkart and Amazon so you will get a 256GB SSD laptop at the price of 20k.

Best configuration Laptop for office and home use

So here is the min. the configuration you must need to smoothly work.

  1. 4 Core Processor.
  2. 4 GB RAM (I strongly recommend 8GB because after 1 year of use you will need more RAM)
  3. 1 TB HDD because if you see any 500GB Laptop that means it an old version laptop because after 2016 manufacturer not install 500GB HDD because of the 1tb price difference. (but I strongly recommended SSD)
  4. Battery – choose a laptop with a good battery backup. But it depends on many things like overall usage, the battery used by the manufacturer, etc.
  5. Cooing solution – this is very important for a laptop if the manufacturer not used good type of cooling fan and cooling pipe inside the laptop then it will generate heat and at some point, your laptop will stop working. Also placing air IN and OUT are also very important in a laptop. Make sure you use a cooling pad when you use your laptop on the bed.
  6. Laptop Size – If you want portability then you should slim and small size laptop.
  7. Lastly, here are some best laptops –
    1. Aspire 3 Slim A315-222. HP 14q cs0018TU 20193. ASUS E402YA-GA067T4. ASUS VivoBooK

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