AMD vs Nvidia Which is better for gaming and Video Editing?

AMD vs Nvidia Which is better for gaming and Video Editing?

In building a computer, you might think Which GPU is best it would be as painful a process as it actually is. Ask any DIY veteran for advice and they’re sure to have strong opinions on the video card, whether it be of the Nvidia or AMD variety. But you still have some confusion between AMD vs. Nvidia. So Let Me clear that Confusion for you. I compare both the card with some major points.

amd vs nvidia


Everyone has a budget lined up when configuring a PC. If You’re going to aim for the best value-to-performance ratio. A common misconception is that AMD makes the cheaper graphics hardware while Nvidia makes the pricier, luxury GPUs. Shop around, however, and you’ll notice that’s not necessarily the case.

While a Nvidia GeForce 980Ti might cost upwards of $600 (about £500, AU$1,000), AMD’s closest equivalent – the R9 Fury X – is around the same price, sometimes even more expensive. And that goes without mentioning the 980Ti’s sheer performance advantage in just about every benchmark that we’ve seen.

But if you have a budget then go for Nvidia latest card you can afford.

Amd graphics card


In terms of horsepower, however, Nvidia is almost consistently on top. AMD’s highest offering, the Fury X for example, boasts an effective memory speed that’s seven times slower than that of Nvidia’s presently fastest Titan X. If you are a content creator than Nvidia Card is made for you. Because it’s has a CUDA Core’s which will help you get good performance while editing videos, 3D Modeling and such kind of stuff. In the other hand if you are a gamer and you are on a tight budget then go for AMD GPU because on Gaming AMD card performance same like NVidia.

graphics card performance

Software and features

Software and exclusive features is another area where Nvidia is perceived sovereign, but that’s not necessarily the reality either.

Nvidia does have a handful of exclusive technologies to its name, including PhysX allowing for enhancements in-game in addition screen tear clobbering G-Sync for compatible monitors, AMD hasn’t run into too much trouble offering competitive solutions.

Nvidia and AMD have their own hair physics technologies – AMD’s TressFX versus Nvidia’s HairWorks – which, at least in graphics card power battles, is important for some reason.

More significant these days, though, is the ability to record gameplay with ease – with such ease, in fact, that a launch-at-startup program handles the entire workload for you.

For instance, with Nvidia’s ShadowPlay enabled, your last 20 minutes of gameplay is constantly being recorded without any user guidance. Striking a hotkey will provoke a local save, and you can even manage to stream on Twitch in glorious high definition if you’ve got the bandwidth to spare.

Graphics software


For advanced users, driver support is where Nvidia has begun to falter. Previously available as direct downloads from the company’s website, Game Ready drivers became locked behind a GeForce Experience registration wall by the tail-end of last year.

Contrarily, AMD users still have the option to download from a direct feed, or alternatively, from either AMD Gaming Evolved’s Raptr client or Radeon Crimson. The winner here depends entirely on how much control you, the gamer, want your GPU drivers.

So, which is better? Neither

“Well, there’s no telling which is better, both companies are great, However, both AMD and Nvidia truly have their benefits and drawbacks alike.

Sure, you can count on GeForce Experience projecting an eye-candy UI across your G-Sync-enabled monitor while simultaneously keeping your drivers up to date. But, with AMD, you can grab those drivers yourself whenever you want directly from the company’s website. You don’t even have to install bloatware!

In simple Language:

Only Gaming = AMD

Gaming + Editing = Nvidia

Low Budget Gaming = Ant AMD RX Series Card

Low Budget Gaming+Editing = Any Nvidia GTX Series Card

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Here is a Video Explained which is best card for you. (Hindi)

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